Top 5 Wednesday| Book Series I Need To Start In 2016

Hey guys! Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme made by Gingerreadslainey which focuses on a different topic every week. Here is the goodreads group if you want to check it out.

This Top 5 Wednesday was made for me because I am so behind on so many popular series! You guys will probably be shocked with disgust by the end of this post, but hey! Don’t worry I’ll get to them!

So let me say these five series before I bow my head in shame and hide…

1) Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes

I want to read this series SO much it’s killing me knowing that I haven’t started reading it yet. I mean LOOK AT THOSE COVERS! SO EPIC!


2) Daughter Of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor

This trilogy is not one that I am bursting to read but I know that I want to actually read this trilogy next year as I have heard good things about it.


3) The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Claire

SO I haven’t heard one bad thing about this trilogy. Not one. So there is really no excuse about not reading this trilogy and I am definitely starting on this next year.


4) Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness

Hmmm this is a trilogy that seriously interests me and I just think I haven’t had any time to read it. More Than This has made me have some faith in atrick Ness’ writing so I can’t wait to get into the trilogy.


5) A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy by Sarah J. Mass

Hmm I am intrigued by this trilogy but I’ve heard mixed things about the first installment but I am a fan of Sarah J.Mass’ writing in her book Throne Of Glass, so hopefully the plot doesn’t let down the book.


And there you have it! Please comment down your top five Wednesday as I would love to which series you need to catch up on in 2016- the end of the year is so close now!

I’ll write soon!






12 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday| Book Series I Need To Start In 2016

  1. fangirlsbookshelves says:

    Okay, let me tell you something… I haven’t read any of these series. So you’re not alone…
    My top five: Throne of Glass series, The Infernal Devices trilogy, The Lunar Chronicles, Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and Red Rising trilogy.

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  2. BookMates says:

    Hey! I have yet to read A court of thorns of roses and i was thinking if i was the only one that hasn’t read it. I hope i enjoy it because Sarah J.Maas is a really good writer. But i don’t think this book will let me down.
    Oh and by the way this might sound weird…but you have a really nice name! Haha
    ~Hafsaa ❤

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      • BookMates says:

        I know i need to read it quick or it’ll just be like another series in my tbr list. Hahaha.
        Oh no…i didn’t mean to say that your name sounded weird…sorry if that was rude or anything…i meant that i might sound slightly weird saying that you have a nice name! Sorry!


  3. BrightLittleStoryLover says:

    I am also eager to read the first two series you mentioned! They sound very intriguing and everyone recommends them. I loved the Infernal devices and I think the first book in the chaos walking trilogy is very good. I don’t know about A court of thorns and roses, as I wasn’t the biggest fan of Throne of glass. But I only read the first book in the series. Another serie I really want to read is Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. It sounds so great! The other two are, A darker shade of magic by V.E. Schwab and The conquerors saga by Kiersten White (the first book hasn’t been released yet).

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  4. selinn92 says:

    I’ve got to read Throne of Glass series like ASAP. But The Infernal Devices was a wonderful series. You HAVE to read it. For some reason everyone raves about The Mortal Instruments series and I don’t understand how TID gets left behind. And ACOTAR! Oh, just go and read now lol

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