About Me

Hello, hello, hello. I guess you want to know more about me….well I wasn’t counting on this!

Well my name is Astra and I’m in the awkward teen part of my life. Many people would insert a picture of their self right now, but because I am crap at taking selfies and crap at drawing, I think I will just describe myself.

Light brown skin, quite slim and with a little too much limb and a small face. You would probably see me styling my hair in a fun bun with a twist-out fringe. Oh yeah and I wear glasses.

Hmmm, what else do you want to know about….I do play the violin, but that is slowly going down hill…oh I live in England. And the weather is an unpredictable as everyone says it is.

I started this blog to share my love with reading, writing and all things bookish.

Hopefully my blog will help you fill up your shelves!


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