A Bookish Journey- Encouraging Thunder Award

This is such a slow week for reading! That’s why my blog has been full of fluffy and hopefully fun posts for you to read. I swear next week will be better!

But anyway, I was nominated for the Encouraging Thunder Award by Paige @ Paige By Paige and I insist that you check out her blog because it fantastic! Thanks for tagging me!

Okay so the only question for this award is: Why did you start blogging?

As I said when I commented on Paige’s post, I have not answered this question really. Only a sentence here or there, but I feel like I should explain myself, you know, lay down the foundations now about my blog and why it exists.

I have always been a avid reader. With a library being literally fifteen minutes away, whenever I could drag my mum with me to the library I would and when I could be trusted to make the fifteen minute journey (there were many dangerous roads I can assure you) with my older sister I would when the day was sunny enough. I didn’t know the word was haul when I was checking out seven books at a time and most of the time I only read two of those books.

But I clearly remember loving having books and reading them (even though I got easily distracted by many other things).

During primary school, year 5 I think, I used to stay inside with my best friend and read and I can’t even remember what book. I was so engrossed in it I would not go outside to enjoy the rare British sunshine! When I started secondary school my school had an LRC (Learning Resource Center)  which was a boost in my reading for about two years and then I found YouTube and all of my leisure time was spent either watching YouTubers or talking about YouTubers.

I kind of discovered book blogs and Booktube at the same time so I don’t have a nostalgic preference and I discovered these two amazing worlds in the middle of September

During the end part of this year I started getting into reading again and I have loved going back to books. Before I was reading books sporadically, each novel three stars, but now I have discover brilliant and amazing novels just in a few months!

After checking out a few BookTubers and realising that I do not have a confidence to BookTube, I came up with the great idea of making a blog. When people say making a blog is hard work they are not lying. Even though I am loving being in this friendly community, surrounded by fellow book nerds, this is a hardworking ‘job’.

But one thing is for certain- I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Tagging time…

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Obviously if you have already did this tag you don’t have to do it again and if you just want to do this tag even though I didn’t tag you then mention it in the comments and I will tag you as soon as possible (or just do it, your choice of course).

I’ll write soon!


9 thoughts on “A Bookish Journey- Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. Trisha Ann says:

    Thank you for this Astra! That was a sweet journey to the blogosphere. I’m in total agreement with what you said. I thought I was reading good books until I learned better ones once I joined the book blogging world. Here’s to more booknerdigan adventure s with you! ☺😊😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah's Book Addiction says:

    Thank you for nominating me Astra! ❤
    I totally feel you, I used to haul books from the library all the time too but I would only read a few of them. I try to keep the number of books I check out these days to a minimum.Thanks again!
    xx Sarah


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