I’m Wittier In Writing- Chapter 1: Suffocation, Frustration and Inspiration?

Hey guys! I hope you’re great and the Monday blues aren’t getting you down.

I few posts ago I think I said I wanted to start talking about my writing on this blog so here I am. These series of posts are going to be called I’m Wittier In Writing and will be focusing on my trials and tribulations on writing. I hope that these posts will be a outlet for me (and maybe for you down in the comments) because sometimes us writers need somewhere to just express our frustrations from time to time. These posts will be fortnightly on a Monday, but I will add in extra posts if I feel it necessary.

Onto this week’s post!

I’ve been editing and looking over my NaNoWriMo piece and I’ve been feeling very proud of myself! Everything is a mess, as it would be, but it feels like I have something to grasp not matter how rubbish it reads. I feel like I need a dedicated week to focuse on my NaNoWriMo piece as I am finding it hard to concentrate on it and not procrastinate. Maybe in the summer I will try to  do something. Also, I think I wasn’t the only one who received an email for NaNoWriMo trying to rally the editorial troops. Even though I said that I want to edit my half a novel, I’m not sure that I want to do it with NaNoWriMo. I feel like I would get bogged down with expectations and feel suffocated. I would prefer to edit on my own terms with a couple of hot lemon water and a KitKat.


I think that I have a problem. I have too many plots in my head. And I’m not talking about my NaNoWriMo. I kind of want to write another story. I know, I know, it’s foolish. I think I should state that I am still interested in my NaNoWriMo story fully, but I have another story in my head half formed and I wanted to explore that story as much as I can. I feel free to talk about my half formed idea in these posts, so I will say it now that it’s definitely a fantasy story I’m conjuring up. I think I can confidently say that my love from fantasy came from my love of Magical Girl anime when I was younger. I’m thinking of cooperating MG into my story, but then I get bogged down about the details of it being a Middle Grade or Young Adult which makes my head hurt.

I am having some issues with planning this idea which is weird as I normally thrive at this part. Ir’s bugging me a lot and making me detest my brain. Even though I know my idea is just a seedling, my brain keeps throwing all of these different scenes in my head before I know if it’s going to be a medieval  fantasy or more futuristic, if my protagonist is twelve or seventeen. I’m just going to be blasting out A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing by Set It Off until inspiration hits me.



That’s all of my writing musings at the moment! I’d love to know if I’m just rambling rubbish to you or if you think this is a good outlet. As always, feel free to comment down below and I’ll be sure to comment back.

I’ll write soon!





Surviving the NaNoWriMo Train and How To Get Left Behind- NaNoWriMo Week 2 Recap!

Hello guys! Here is my weekly NaNoWriMo recap and what a week it had been! I swear I thought I wouldn’t survive the beating NaNoWriMo servered up. But somehow it’s Sunday and I survived. I survived.

So Monday started okay I think and so did Tuesday but it was on Wednesday everything went to high hell. I just couldn’t write. Anything. At all. I was still writing my first kind of info dumping part and it was forcing me into a writing block. So you know what, I just skipped over all of that snd went to a refreshing and completely different part of my story and I was able to catch up on 3000 words (I was down by 7000).

So by tomorrow, I should still be down by 4000 words but there will still be another weekend to catch up then. If I stay ontop of the 1667 words a day, then I’ll be okay.

Another thing I have to comment on is that how my characters literally hate me. My story is taking so weird turns and I don’t know if I should steer my story into the write direction or just let it roll. Someone help.

Weekly Word Count: 21,011

Good luck to all of my fellow writers! Remember- we can do this!

I’ll write soon.


Scraping The Muse Barrel- NaNoWriMo Week 1 Recap!

Hey guys, I hope your Sunday is brilliant, I am currently slaving away on some Biology homework which forces me to write a lot more than I would even write in English! And as you might probably tell I changed my theme of my blog. I think I just wanted something clearer and lighter, so picked this cute theme. Tell me down below if you like it or not because you’re the ones who will have to see it!

But today’s post isn’t about me failing at life, but me failing at NaNoWriMo (sort of). I have decided to write my story into three parts and I am still on the first part of my first part (I hope that makes sense). Two more days and then I should be on the more interesting parts of my story.

Weekly Word Count: 13, 414 words

So currently I am on top of my NaNoWriMo game! I am seriously shocked by this because yesterday was a really bad day for me.

Now even though I missed the word count by 200 words yesterday, that wasn’t the problem. I think I hit a writer’s block, or really tripped on pieces of a writers block. I was writing well for a few minutes but then I just could write anything after. It was super hard to write and I just couldn’t bring myself to even write the 200 words I needed make the word count. Six hundred worlds before that I was writing utter crap. I was on a scene that I really didn’t expect or want to write. The characters were doing there own thing and I couldn’t write to compensate that.

I went to bed feeling frustrated and defeated. 200 words was all I had to write and I couldn’t even write a sentence more.

I woke up today and didn’t write anything, I wanted to distance myself from the crap I wrote just yesterday.

Why couldn’t I just have a break for one day from NaNo? I am kind of ashamed to say I was thinking so negatively even though I just missed the word count by 200 words, but I was. I wasn’t going to give up though, I just need to have a break. And I did, for the whole  day until I sat myself in front of my google docs page and forced myself to write my 1667 words and an extra 200.

I did it to cut a long story short and I think that little stumble has made me realise something; I can’t expect to only give myself an hour at the end of the day and come out with something brilliant because I won’t. I do need to give myself more time and take off some pressure I have on myself. NaNoWriMo should be fun!

Next week is a new week anyway and there are only three weeks to go! I feel like I am having a bigger realisation now about writing in general, but I won’t disclose that yet.

Good luck to all of my fellow writers out there and keep the faith! WE CAN DO THIS!

I’ll write soon!





My Muse Playlist

Hey guys!

While I’m writing I loved to listen to music. Music just helps to get my creative juices flowing more smoothly and sometimes even inspires scenes or characters for the story I am writing! SO I figured that I should share the music that gets me in the writing mood and hopefully you too! All links go directly to YouTube so you can listen to the awesome songs I have to show you all day long.

When I Get Home Your So Dead- Mayday Parade

Death Of A Bachelor- Panic At Disco

Cinderblock Garden- All Time Low

Oh Well Oh Well- Mayday Parade

Missing You- All Time Low

Play On- Paloma Faith

Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance

She’s My Winona- Fall Out Boy

American Candy- The Maine

Dollhouse- Melanie Martinez

There’s my playlist! You guys should definitely check out these songs anyway because they are beautiful!

What songs inspire you? Comment below!

I’ll write soon.


October Wrap Up + November TBR!

Happy 1st November! I think we can officially start counting down until Christmas! I hope your reading month was brilliant and enriching, please link below your Wrap Ups and TBRs so that I have something to read while doing NaNoWriMo!

Here is my October Wrap Up first!

It felt like a lifetime ago since I read the Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, but I did and my review is here!

After that I completed Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell which I loved reading! The review is also here.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak was next and this book smashed my feels pieces them back together and then smashed them again. Meaning, this book was brilliant! Review here.

Town of evening calm, Country of cherry blossoms was a lovely read and first graphical novel I read in a long time! If you want to check out the review click here!

I read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell guys. And I liked, not loved it, but still thoroughly enjoyed it I believe. You know the drill, the review is here.

And then guess what? I read Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and it was kiss ass awesome! I LOVED IT SO MUCH THE SEQUEL NEEDS TO BE IN MY HANDS NOW! If you want more coherent thoughts the review is right here.

Though Shadow and Bone wasn’t as polished and clean as Six Of Crows it was still awesome and I can’t wait to read the next book in the trilogy. Review.


I made quick with Spinner by Tabi Card which was a e-copy of a book sent to me for review! A lovely fast paced read! Review.

The final book I read for October was the Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness. A review to come soon but it was a really solid book in my opinion.

November TBR time!

And my pile is going to be extremely short, but don’t worry it’s just because of NaNoWriMo. I’m going to try to write loads at the start so that I’m not panicking at the end, but hopefully I get to read throughout the month anyway.

So, I need to finish off Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.

Also today I started reading Maus by Art Spigelman and I am loving it! It should be finished soon, so there’s another review for all of you!

And hopefully I will get to More Than This by Patrick Ness which people have been telling me is great.

And that’s all because I don’t want to promise anything that I can’t deliver.

So to summarise I have had a great month with reading for October, but it will be on the back burner while in November.

Remeber to link all your TBRs and Wrap Ups below and I’ll write soon!





My NaNoWriMo Story- NaNoWriMo #6

Firstly, good luck to all of the NaNoWriMos who have already started this great feat! 

So NaNoWriMo is like less that four hours away and I am totally freaking out. But before I hide myself away, I at least owe you lovely readers a blog post kind of telling what all of my five blog posts are based on, the story they are based on.

Now in advance, my blog posts and time in my blogsphere are going to be limited but I am going to try my absolute hardest to blog more or less regularly. It feels like I have been a little distant with the blogging world, but I swear if I have a spare ten minuets between passing out from exhaustion and eating a chocolate bar I will be blogging (and doing homework and trying to socialise and reading).

Without further ado here is my NaNo novel…

The Enchanted

 Ophelia is an Enchantress, meaning she can control on of the four elements the world depends on. In Taibria Enchanters are to be locked away as they threaten the easy routine of the Taibrian people.

After she creates a deadly forest fire, Ophelia is taken away and kept under lock and key in a high security prison for the rest of her life…well that’s until she is kidnapped by he most powerful Enchanter from the rival kingdom Arbius three years later- to be used as a war weapon.

But what Ophelia doesn’t know is that she’ll be making a lot of dangerous foes along her way and and not everyone can be trusted, including her own mind sometimes.

Rosalie on the other hand is a bored princess and Enchantress for there is no adventure for the future heir of the Kingdom of Elium. That’s until a non magical with a stubborn persona and driven mind catches her eye. 

Suddenly her life is turned on it’s head when she has to escape a Taibrian invasion leaving only with her hot fury for revenge and a snarky non magical.

As their lives cross and entwine not everyone will be able to survive the upcoming war that threatens to destroy life as anyone knows it. 

…..there it is. I know I know I’m crap at summaries but oh well!

I would love to become your writing buddy so just click here to go to my profile on my NaNoWriMo page if you want to too!

It’s really likely in not going to be at a laptop at the strike of twelve so my phone is my laptop for the time being. I will try to do regular posts about my NaNo journey but don’t hold me account to that! 

Um there’s nothing to say but good luck and remember this is just fun! And tell me about your stories in the comments!

Oh and happy Halloween 🙂

I’ll write soon.





Welcome To Taibria- NaNoWriMo #5

Hey everyone! I was contemplating on doing another meet [incert a character] post but I decided that I should introduce another important part of a story which is setting.

Now my NaNo story is a fantasy one so I was thinking of setting my story in a completely different place and country than the ones we live in. There are in all three main settings or Kingdoms really that my main protagonists come from or travel to and ect ect.

Here are my notes for Taibria!

Kingdom of Taibria

Surrounded by the Bell Sea on the East And South Coast. To the North it is the Wonderium Woodlands and to the West miles of rocky, mountainy and volcanic (can you say Volcanic?) terrain.

People who live in Taibria are called Taibrians and their native tongue is Taibrish. 

A lot of sun shines upon Taibria so there main trade is crops and farming. Also they have a big trade in precious stones and gems which they sell off to surrounding Kingdoms. Taibria is known as a Merchant’s Paradise as it is said you can get anything there at the right price.

Taibria is ruled by a royal family- the Huntzviers. The Huntzviers are known for their ruthlessness against enemies and ‘the magicals’. They feed they Taibrians lies and false security which they lap up gleefully, not wanting their way of life to be disrupted.

There once small and weak army is turning into a force to be reckoned with.

Ophelia lives in Taibria in the outskirts in a place called the ‘Stacks’ named so because the buildings/flats/houses looks like they are stacked up on and against each other.

There you go! I am really like doing these NaNo posts as it keeps me creative juices flowing while blogging! I hope you guys are liking them too! Anyway I can’t wait for NaNo now, October is being so sluggish.

I’ll write soon.


Meet Ophelia

Meet Rosalie

Meet Rosalie- NaNoWriMo #4

Hey guys! I’m rounding off the week (or starting it off which ever way you see it) and as you can tell by the title, I’ll be telling you what notes I have for my second protagonist in my story for NaNoWriMo.In my head I have a little importance tree and the importance dwindles as you go further down. I’ll just put a picture here to show you what I mean.

My crappy example of an Importance Tree.

Anyway, a lot of people seemed to like the other post I did for Ophelia (you can check out Ophelia’s post here), so here’s another one. These notes are half written down and half buried in my head.

Name: Rosalie Olivia Van Dahilia, Crown Princess of the Kingdom Of Elium and surrounding Wonderim Woodlands.

Age: 16

Acts like a spoiled child, but is bored of castle life. Kind under her arrogant persona. Loves to wind up people because she is so bored. Longs to learn how to weild a sword. She finds books a nice escape to live her own fictional life, but lost the habit of reading after her older brother died. Extremely confident around strangers and non stop flirting when needing to get her own way with men (her mother made her perfect that skill.)

Appearance: A dusting of freckles on across the top of her face. Long light brown hair normally wore down. Tall and average body build. Eyes, brown, pale skin and small facial features. Skinny ankles and wrists.

Mannerisms: Tutting, stick her tongue . Bites her nails when nervous, upset or bored. Twirls diamond ring on her pinky finger when thinking deeply. Chews on anything she can put in her mouth.

There you go! There was so much in my mind but these are the notes that are staying solid. I had a inspiration shock during the weekend and all I had to do was listen to some Panic At The Disco :). Anyway probably a day next week I will reveal my full summary and some background info because by then eveything should be rock solid.
I still want to know about all of your wonderful characters! I hope they are behaving well with you. Comment below about what you think and how your NaNoWriMo stories are going so far. There’s only one week left!

I’ll write soon.


Meet Ophelia- NaNoWriMo #3

Hey guys…I made a character. Meet Ophelia….and that’s all I have, a name.

Jokes! (Only slightly)

I have a solid plot and now I am just building up my characters which is actually a fun process. These are some words from my notebook about Ophelia that I have scribbled down.

Ophelia Willow

14 years old but then 17 after time jump.

Gentle normally but has a lot of pent up anger, quickly trusting which leads her into unsavory trouble. A good friend- recklessly brave. Explosive temper when really infuriated- (later in novel).

Mannerism: Likes to hold people’s hands as she can sense whether they are powerful or not by the amount of energy in them. Touches hair but quickly stops because she doesn’t want her hair to become tangled.

Appearance: Brown skin- mocha? Kinky hair which doesn’t blow in the wind and it reaches the end of her neck- Jet Black. A scar from childhood spots on her left check. Full lipped, smallish nose and forehead. Long and skinny.

And there is more, but that is how the start of my notes look like. I have different character profiles in my head and I think over the weekend I will start putting them on paper. If you didn’t guess by the little extract I am doing a fantasy type of novel and I will tell you one thing more….it involves the basic elements!

I will disclose more closer to November, but that’s all your getting for now (hehehehe).

How are you characters shaping up? Can I say hi to them? Comment below about how your getting on with NaNoWriMo!

I’ll write soon 🙂