My first book signing- Leigh Bardugo 

Recently, I went to a Leigh Bardugo book signing/ chat where she-obviously- sighned some books and talked comically about writing, the Grisha world and what type of Grisha she would be (that question curtesy of moi).

It was brilliant! Bardugo is such a character and definitely a person you would want to call when you’re feeling down. She answered the typical questions like how did you come up with Kaz (which she replied with an analogy of a stew) and if she would write anything in the Grisha trilogy after the Six Of Crows soon, but she also had to answer the question on what would the patroni be for each of the crows and if she liked David over Mal (or another character I can’t remember).

I went on my own because no one in my social circle had read anything from Leigh Bardugo before and they weren’t the reading type but I didn’t feel alone. I exchanged excited glances to other Bardugo fans and felt a warm buzz around me. Sadly I wasn’t the confident and outgoing person who would start up a conversation with someone just because they said The Darkling, but it did feel nice to join up with other readers and budding writers.

It was the first time I was around like minded people since I started reading a lot again.

Leigh Bardugo also exchanged many tips to the audience about writing. The one solid piece I rembered was not to compare my writing to a published book because that could be an author’s third or fourth draft. Also she said not to be too critical on yourself and to always stick to a story if you have confidence in it. Overall it was a big confidence boost and especially helpful since NaNoWriMo is literally around the corner.



While my books were getting signed I made some awkward small talk to her, but she made some jokes to break the ice. When she asked my what Grisha I would be (she answerd Heartrender by the way) I literally panicked and said and I kid you not I think a Heartrender too because I like to hurt people when I’m in a mood. 

WHAT! If that didn’t make me sound like a young psychopath I wouldn’t know what would! And then she said that that’s not really nice is it chuckling along. I felt like falling on the floor in embarrassment.

Anyway, if you do get the chance to meet Leigh Bardugo please do because she is so nice and funny and a real inspiration for us newbie writers out there!

I’ll write soon.