Cover Reveal: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Illustrated Edition

So I had to make a quick post about this because myself and many of you are Potterheads and some amazing news came out today as you can tell by the extremely long title. THE COVER FOR THE ILLUSTRATED EDITION OF CHAMBER OF SECRETS!

Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone came out last year and basically everybody loved it! I still have to read through it all because I haven’t reread Harry Potter yet this year, but I have seen many of the pictures and they are BEAUTIFUL!

Anyway, this is a cover reveal so lets actually get to the cover!



So as you can see, we have the iconic blue Ford with Harry, Ron and the Weasley twins inside heading towards the Burrow! What do you think of it? I really like it! I’m glad that they chose such a memorable scene to put as the cover and the colours just remind me of an old illustrated children’s reading book with all of the colours. I’m pretty sure this is the UK edition but the lettering looks like the one of the US edition so that’s a little confusing.

That’s not it folks! We also have some illustrations that will be in the book!


Gnome Rooftops and Mandrake Chamber of Secrets Jim Kay

 Hagrid and Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets Jim Kay

GORGEOUS RIGHT!!! We are getting this beauty and Cursed Child in the same year?! We salute you, Jim Kay!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Illustrated Edition will be released in Hardback on 4th October 2016! I can’t wait!

What do you think of the cover? And the exclusive glimpse we got of the illustrations? And are you as excited as I am? Comment below and lets gush together!

I’ll write soon!


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Why I love Black Hermione Granger

So I’m not sure how many of you are Harry Potter fans. But I am one to the bone (proud Ravenclaw,owner of a slightly swishy Sycamore wand, at your service ) so when I heard all of this talk of a Black Hermione my attention was immeadiently perked.

So for those of you who don’t now, Noma Dumezweni has been casted to play Hermione in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which is a new play based on a new story by J.K Rowling. This caused a huge stir of reactions amongst the fandom.


Some people thought what it’s was an outrage that they would think of changing the race of Hermione, some didn’t care that much and others were up in arms cheering that we finally have a Black Hermione.

I was in the last group.

You see, as I said in my Most Hated YA Trope post, I’m a black teenage and you do not see a lot of black female protagonists in YA. That’s just a fact. A sad fact when we take in account that the world world is now more diverse than ever. People kind of think that because they can see people of all different nationalities all around them it will automatically be translated on to page, which really isn’t the case. Again I kind of talked about this in my other post, but back to Harry Potter. 

Hermione Granger- smart, loyal, brave, kind, the list can go on. I know that many people feel that Hermione is there fictional role model, including me of course, because of all of those things and leaving her racially ambiguous meant that anyone could see themselves as Hermione in a way. We had the brilliant Emma Watson as our big screen Hermione and she did a brilliant job as the character but sadly this caused a white wash of Hermione if that makes sense. 

People think Hermione is white. Canon. Fact. Well actually no not canon as Queen Rowling will explain in less than 144 characters.


And this brings me back to why I love Black Hermione. I kind of see this casting as acceptance Thant there can be different Hermiones other the the Emma Watson Hermoine. 

When I reread the books now I can visualise Hermione being black now, not saying that I couldn’t before, but I guess subconsciously I am able to push Emma Watson Hermione out of my mind. Also, it enables me to see myself in thr character now that having that confirmation that there can be different Hermiones. In the fandom there have been many fans saying how Hermione could be Black as much as she could be white for years now, but for it to kind of ger recognition is amazing.

And black Hermione Granger would look gorgeous don’t you think?

This post was so hard because I just have so many thoughts and I still don’t think I wrote them clear enough but I’ve been sitting on this post for too long now.

So what do you think about there being a black Hermione Granger? I would love to hear what you think, even if your not a Harry Potter fan. 

I’ll write soon.


Review: Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone (Audio Book- Stephen Fry)


Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Written by: J.K. Rowling

Narrated by: Stephen Fry

Length: 8 hrs and 43 mins

Release Date:20/11/2015

Publisher: Pottermore from J.K. Rowling

IRT! Informal Review Time!

Sorry my posts have been a little bit all over the place. Time has been a thing I have not had a lot of lately!

Now obviously I love Harry Potter and I wanted to reread the whole series for a long time now and I finally got the opportunity because of Harry Xmas To You which is a readawatchalongathon. I’m currently on Goblet Of Fire- which I forgot was a monster of a book.

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