WWW Wednesday!

Hey you guys! I hope everyone is enjoying November so far, I think I am waking up really happy everyday because it’s another day closer to Christmas (I’m a really sad person I know) and I ordered a book or two from The Book Depository and it was my first order from the site so I really hope that the books that come aren’t battered or bruised.

You get the gist now, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for some WWW.

WWW Wednesday consist on answering the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

What have you read previously?

What books you are planning to read?

So lets get the post going!

What are you currently reading?


More Than This by Patrick Ness- I am about to start reading More Than This by Patrick Ness, which I heard is a brilliant book! I don’t know what is going to happen in the book and though everyone likes this book, I am keeping my expectations relatively low.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseni, Illustrated by Fabio Celoni and Mirka Andolfo– I am thinking of reading a Graphic Novel while reading More Than This because I liked how I was able to switch between two different text when I saw fit. I wasn’t really able to get into the book so I’m giving the Graphic Novel a try!

What have you read previously?


Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ranson Riggs- I just finished this and a review is to come soon! Overall not a perfect book or the story I thought it was going to be but I can’t wait to get my hands on Hollow City! I’m always late to the party when it comes to series and trilogies or books overall.

Maus by Art Spielgelman- I finished Maus as well today and it was a superb graphic novel. Again a review to come soon but I just want to say that this was fantastic and every good graphic novel is pushing me into the graphic novel world more. I don’t think I’m at Saga stage yet (if that makes sense!).

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness- I did a review on this book (right here if you want to check it out) and it was a solid book but a little disappointing at points I have to say. All my thoughts are in that review if you want to know more.

What books you are planning to read?

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins- Yes yes and yes I am going to try to reread this before I watch the last installment of the movie franchise. I have to say that Part 1 was a little meh (Catching Fire is my favourite!) but I am hoping they step it up for Part 2. I remember liking this book when I read it a while ago, so lets hope the second time around is no different.

WWW Wednesday all done! Please do link your WWW Wedneday posts and your Top 5 Wednesdays (even though I didn’t do it because I don’t read novellas…I think I’m the worst participant for T5W at the moment :P). Have a nice day/night/afternoon/morning/evening!

I’ll write soon.




WWW Wednesday and Top 5 Wednesday!

Hi everyone! How’s your Wednesday been? Mine has been good until I found out this boy in one of my classes has an annoying fixation on beating me on every test. It isn’t healthy. Any advice for me problem? Anyway, I feel like I can confidently do T5W today and it’s a great T5W- Top 5 authors you discovered this year. You all know the drill with WWW Wednesday, so lets get to it!

What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading two books extremely slowly. The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag and Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.


What have you read previously?

I finished Carry On by Rainbow Rowell last Friday and here is my review if you want to know my thoughts on it!


What books you are planning to read?

Next week I’ll be reading Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs and The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness! I cannot wait!


Now onto Top 5 Wednesday!

1) Rainbow Rowell

I seriously love her writing style. I can read her books in a couple of hours if I weren’t so busy! She is definitely becoming one of those auto-buy authors.

2) Markus Zusak

The Book Thief was literally too many feels I couldn’t cope. His writing in that book was so unique and bemusing but amazing overall. I am so glad that I discovered Zusak and I am on the hunt for his other books.

3) Erin Morgenstern

Ugh The Night Circus was so good! After a finished that book it was like I was in a state of wonder. Morgenstern’s descriptions were so delicious I never wanted to be in a fictional place so much, excluding Hogwarts of course. I am super glad I found her and her book!

 4) Victoria Aveyard

Even though there is a lot of conflicting views on the Red Queen I personally loved it! Thus, thankful for discovered Aveyard and she will definitely be an auto-buy author if she branches out of the Red Queen Trilogy.

5) Erika Johansen

I feel in love with the Tearling world during September and I can safety say that Johansen’s writing made everything a lot simpler than they could of been. There is a lot of politics in the The Queen and Invasion of the Tearling but I didn’t find anything overly complicated or heavy. I am so happy I discovered her and cannot wait to finish off the trilogy.


I know this post was a little bit shorter than my usual posts but I have a couple of tests tomorrow, so I couldn’t go as in depth as I would of liked on my WWW and Top 5 Wednesday. Who are your top authors? What books are you currently reading? Comment below!

I’ll write soon.


WWW Wednesday!

Hello hello hello! How has your Wednesday been? Mine has been okay- my second maths test went more smoothly than the first (thank god for SOHCAHTOA!), my class got a good shouting from my French teacher because we did so horrible in our last test and I got a new book (I think books make up for everything) but I’m not here to talk about myself, I’m here to do my WWW Wednesday post. I was going to do top 5 Wednesday but I didn’t feel like I could do a good post with the topic top 5 diverse characters. Partly because I haven’t read a lot of books with a lot of diverse characters to pick from (and I can’t think of any at the moment). So enough blabbering, lets go!

What are you currently reading?


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

This book is amazing! I haven’t finished it yet because I am trying to savour the story- I have learned my lesson from Harry Potter! Even though there are obvious comparisons to Harry Potter, it’s different and I like how it is a standalone novel because it would feel like Harry Potter with a twist if it was a eight book series.

What did you previously read?


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

You guys are probably tired about me gushing about this book- so here is my review if you want to know my thoughts, but simply I loved it thoroughly!

What are you planning on reading next?


The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag

A quick story- I was walking through Morrisons and found one of those trolley things full of discounted books- many of them seemed battered and bruised, but there were loads of The 9th Girl. I picked up one and thought it looked pretty interesting. I made a conscious effort not to check goodreads and bought the book (btw discounted for this book meant that I got it for £2.50!) This book seems like a thriller/ murder mystery book and it’s about these women getting kidnapped on popular holidays (for example New Years Day, Labour Day ect) and Liska and Kovac are trying to find out the killer after Liska’s son’s friend -Gray- disappears.

I thought I should turn down the darker router because it’s Halloween in about two weeks. I don’t really read Thriller books, so hopefully this will be a refreshing read for me.

And that’s my WWW! What are you reading? Comment down below, because I would love to see if anyone is starting to read some spooky books for Halloween!

I’ll write soon.