the post where i share my favourite ya tropes

Everyone loves a guilty pleasure, especially a bookish one.

Hello, hello, hello!

I hope everyone is having a calm and relaxing Sunday. Today I’m writing about my favourite YA tropes. Yes, we as booklovers love to hate on the YA genre (and there’s a lot to dislike). However sometimes we need to reflect on what we love about the genre, and why we keep coming back to it!

1) Court Drama

I’m a sucker for court rivalry, backstabbing, secret agendas- the lot of it! Though I would never survival in such a setting (I’m much too trusting of people!) I love seeing how our usually innocent protagonist has to become as ruthless as his/her peers to survive!

2) Evil/Mean/Cynical love interest

If done badly, this is probably the worst trope ever (next to insta-love of course). But when done right and the love interest isn’t edgy for edge sake, but has depth while being brooding? That’s win win from me. Bonus points for if the protagonist is a cinnamon roll and is much to pure and positive then the love interest.

3) Love Triangle

I know, I know. ITS BEEN DONE TO DEATH, TO THE UNDERWORLD, AND THEN BACK. But, it’s so fun reading them! I secretly love the teams as well that fans get into and the banter and rivalry between Team A and Team B. If this is pulled off correctly, and there’s actual character growth and development (and an actual reason why the protagonist can’t get with one person or the other), then I love this trope. SHOOT ME.

4) The ‘badass’ moment

Normally seen in fantasy novels, where after many pages and chapters of teasing, we finally see the protagonist go OP. I will also extend this trope to villains, when we finally see them at their peak evil power and then basically murdering everyone leaving the reader to doubt whether the protagonist can actually win. I don’t think this could ever be an unpopular trope, it’s just so satisfying!

5) Edgy protagonist

Kind of like the edgy love interest. I love seeing my protagonists being sassy, anti-authority, and a plain rebel. There is a very thin line however when it comes to this being likeable and VERY UNLIKEABLE. I think a lot of YA writers do this trope and then forget to actually give their characters weaknesses– and not just ‘shes so stubborn’ PICK ANOTHER WEAKNESS! But when done right- thinking Kady from Illuminae- it’s can be refreshing.

QOTD: Any YA tropes that you love? Or do you dislike some of the ones I’ve listed on here? Comment down your opinions.

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