50 Bookish Facts About Me (Part 1)

Hey guys! So this type of post has been around for a while, but of course I’m late to the party. I’m going to split up this post into two parts because…why not! I always find these ‘5o bookish facts’ posts rather interesting and you find out a lot about the blogger behind the blog. Let’s just get into these 25 facts.

1) I love the fantasy genre because I get to experience different worlds.

2) Reading in the sunlight is SO GOOD but I have bees…wasps…and small insects…

3) If I see a book with sprayed edges I am 75% more likely to buy that book.


4) I hate how expensive hardcover books are.

5) Seriously, if hardcover books were the same price as paperbacks, all my books would be hardbacks.

6) I have to try really hard to hold my tongue if someone looks gobsmacked at me reading a book between my lessons.

7) I sometimes daydream about what role I would have in the book I am currently reading.

8) I like crime/thriller books but I always drop out before the exciting parts happen.

9)I believe bright spines ARE THE BEST SPINES!

10) Reading in my bed is the best and the worst. I mean it’s super comfortable, but then after half an hour I’m half asleep.


11) Big books intimidate me SO MUCH. Along with small fonts.

12) I hate that comics, mangas and graphic novels are so expensive because they are so good and (most of the time) fun reads.

13) Bookmarks are nonexistent to me.

14) I really want to start to read more non-ficiton books but it seems like I have no time to read them.

15) My TBR is never ending…never.

16) I want to own all of the hardcover editions of Harry Potter. They are all so beautiful!

17 I have one Funko character…it’s Ron Weasley! #Weasleyisourking

18) Though I am not a feminist I have read around five pro-feminism books.

19) If you didn’t already know, fantasy is my favourite genre.

20) A close second is Historical Fiction.

21) I hate reading off my phone. My eyes, MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!

22) I’ve tried listening to Audiobooks and it’s not the format for me.

23) Me+Chocolate+ Reading= Hell

24)Reading is the literally best when you are stressed out sometimes.

25) I just started collecting books last September…I have about 100 now.


Those are 25 books facts about me! Now I want to know some about you! Comment down one bookish fact about you and let’s talk!




10 thoughts on “50 Bookish Facts About Me (Part 1)

  1. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Great facts! I feel the same about hardcover books, it’s one of my major reading peeves, the fact that they’re so expensive and also the fact that they always come out a year before the paperback edition. Sometimes you’re stuck spending so much money on a hardcover book because you want to read the story so badly.
    I’m the same with sprayed spines as well, I will always buy a book that catches my eye like that because I am very influenced by how pretty a book is! 😀


  2. Aldii says:

    Fact: I’m OBSESSED with Urban Fantasy (You might already know this so…)
    Other fact: I have no interest in non-fiction books though I hope one day I’m interested in them.
    Great post!!


  3. beckakw says:

    I agree with you there about manga. I mostly read them in high school, but I never could justify buying them because I read through them so fast and they were so expensive. I spent so much time at the library… Free reads!!!


  4. T.K. Lawrence says:

    Neat facts! Totally agree with No. 4. Hardbacks are so expensive compared to paperbacks, but it’s a series I’m already invested in, I just can’t seem to wait another year for it to come out in paperback 🙂


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