I’m Wittier In Writing- Chapter 7: When Life Gives You Lemons…

Hello everyone! Sorry that this post is delayed by one day! I know one day doesn’t feel like a lot, but I am very particular about things and late posts are one of them! I can make it up to you though because I have LOADS to tell you!


For anybody who don’t know, I’m Wittier In Writing is a post fortnightly meme created by me, Astra, so that I could share my trials and tribulations that might have happened over the past two weeks connected to my writings. I just this might be a good place to express my feelings over my writing experience and hopefully these might be a little bit relatable.

Here are my past ‘chapters’ if you want to check them out:

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So where do I begin?

A couple of months ago I subscribed to a Youtube account called Jenna Moreci and she does videos about writing and different writing topics. She has a genuinely bubbly and fun personality and I’ll definitely recommend her to you guys! I casually watch her videos from time to time and a couple of days ago she uploaded a video called How to Create a Character Profile and I though hmm. I’ve never really wrote character profiles. I have done meh ones before, but I’ve never wrote down a fully fleshed one which I felt dealt with the nooks and crannies of my characters. So I watched the video, went to the link in the description which showed Jenna’s own attempt at a character profile and tried it myself. AND I LOVED IT!


Like seriously, I loved it so much and I am so glad that I did it before actually starting my WIP officially. I followed most of Jenna’s skeleton that she laid out and found it really refreshing knowing about my characters inside and out. It gave my a lovely sense of purpose and knowing that I was taking my current WIP seriously. And while writing the character profiles I realised I need to flesh out my fantasy world a lot more, and then I have to write the different backstories for the different realms and kingdoms and oh gosh I loved writing them all! I few years ago I would of hated doing this but now, I’m always finding things to expand.


For me personally, I get to this stage when it comes to writing. I get to the stage that I keep thinking of all these good ideas that can happen later on in the story and I lose interest in the place where my story is at. It’s a stupid, stupid thing I do but it always happens. The same thing is happening right now, but I have confidence in my WIP so much now, that I’m allowing myself to dream a little about the future. Am I weird? I probably am.


On…Thursday (I think?) I finally finished outlining my WIP! I felt so accomplished. I mean I actually WROTE AN OUTLINE! I was such a pantser at heart, but seeing the finished outline in front of me when I finished made me smile like an idiot. I’m going to do more world expanding and character developing stuff before really starting my WIP. I am really excited to finally be in this position. Let the real writing process BEGIN!

 I told you I had a lot to tell! How are you getting on with your WIP? Comment below and let’s discuss!





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