Top Ten Tuesday- Non-bookish Youtube Channels I Watch!

Hello guys and welcome to my Top Ten Tuesday post (oooh, see how formal I sound, I better add some capitals). ENGLAND IS BEING SO WEIRD AT THE MOMENT! Yesturday it was so sunny I was melting, now today it’s raining but it’s still warm so it STILL feels like I’m still melting! You can never win!

But enough of my whinging, this TTT topic is about non-bookish websites that you love and visit often. CONFESSION TIME: I don’t really visit a lot of websites. When it comes to surfing the internet my four main hubs are WordPress, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. SO I decided to show you ten non-bookish youtube accounts that I am subscribed to. You’re going to see where my bad humour and weridness comes from.

On with the list!

1) AlternateHistoryHub

Some of you may know, but if you don’t- I’m a major history nerd! So this channel is not only interesting but somewhat educational as well. No, no, don’t run away because I said the word educational! The channel takes scenarios like ‘What if Germany Won World War II? (Part 1)‘ and ‘What if the Russian Revolution Never Happened?‘ and goes into how it would of changed history! I just had to mention this channel because after watching one of their videos I always feel so much more informed and well educated!

2) shane 


Shane Dawson is so un-apologetically loud and honest and brash you can’t help but watch his videos all day long! His videos aren’t going to be for everyone, they are very forward and free which doesn’t suit everyone, but if you love crazy, funny youtubers, you should check him out if you haven’t already.

3) FailArmy


Yes I am one of those cynical people who laugh when other people fall or gets hurt by something or just generally fail. Here is where FailArmy. Their compilations are the BEST! Their videos are the best pick-me-ups whenever you’re feeling stressed or upset. Sometimes I just watch loads of their videos back to back because they’re so good.

4) communitychannel

This Youtube channel is run by the hilarious Natalie and she takes everyday scenarios, phrases and thoughts and turns them into entertaining skits. If you haven’t already subscribed to her you really should. They really add a bit of sunshine into your day and the scenarios are super relatable!

5) ERB

ERB is the account that does the EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY. Yes this is my history side coming out again, though you don’t really need to know a lot of history to enjoy these videos. So they’re videos are basically raps between two great historical figures but now also branched into the iconic/popular figures to. Some examples of the rap competitors are Hitler Vs Darth Vader, Goku Vs Superman and Rasputin Vs Stalin. Most recently we had J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin. What I’m trying to say is check them out!

6) AsapScience

I am not one of those people who are normally interested in science. I mean yeah it can be interesting at times, but in general I don’t care about it too much. But when it comes to interesting questions such as Why Are Teens So Moody? or What If You Stopped Eating? and the science behind the answers, I’m hooked! I really love how they film their videos and get information across to the view as well. It’s very newbie-safe!

7) Bubzvlogs

I can see why vlog channels can seem weird but it really depends on the person. I have been follow Lindsey for quite a long time. She firstly did a beauty channel called bubzbeauty but I’m not really into make-up and so such like that and then I started watching her vlogs and she is such a funny person, but also very inspiration without being preachy. I think you should check out her make-up channel to get a glimpse of her character before venturing into her vlogs because though she is really great, she is really weird which is okay because I’m weird too!

8) The Game Theorists

I am no gamer, let’s just make that clear hahaha. I was definietly more into gaming when I was younger, but even then I wasn’t really a gamer. But let me just tell you- these videos are so INTERESTING! The channel name is pretty self-explanatory and the game theories have became famous in the game theory realm. I really only pay attention to some of the theories because my knowledge of games is limited, but if you like gaming check this channel out!

9) DanAndPhilGAMES

Dan and Phil are pretty famous on the Youtube for being awkward, witty and British. I could of just included their normal channels but I really LOVE their shared gaming channel. They are literally some of the funniest people on Youtube! As individuals they’re great but together they’re PERFECT! Add them trying to play games and you have a masterpiece!

10) GradeAUnderA

This guy is Youtube gold. Not only is he hilarious but he is brutally honest and sometimes you just have to admire a Youtuber like that. He uses these two stick men like people as his mic and just rolls of the banter. He’s became somewhat of a spokesperson for the common Youtube viewer. His tongue might be too sharp to some, but I love it!

Those are ten Youtube channels I follow that aren’t bookish! I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of my what I do with my life when my brains isn’t on books! Tell me down below what non-bookish channels you enjoy and be sure to link your TTT as well!

I’ll write soon!


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-Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish where they pick a new topic each week for us to create a top ten list to.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Non-bookish Youtube Channels I Watch!

  1. Lois says:

    I absolutely love EBR, they never fail to make me chuckle. Dan and Phil have some pretty epic moments as well. Also, yay for history nerds. The best kind of nerds 😉


  2. amortalreader1 says:

    I watch Fail Army too and they really do just lighten your mood when your feeling down. I myself watch a range of channels I have actually been watching a ton of Buzzfeed videos lately, I find them so funny. Especially the ‘Try Guys’ segments.
    It makes me want to work for Buzzfeed, I wonder if their UK office seems as fun as their American one?


  3. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    I am not subscribed to many people on YouTube, it’s not really a social media site I ever got into and I mainly use it to just look up trailers for upcoming movie or TV releases or new songs, but I am subscribed to communitychannel. I think Natalie is hilarious and I always look forwards to seeing a new video from her.
    Great pick for this weeks topic!


  4. Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews says:

    Ooh great take on this week’s topic! I love Dan and Phil and Shane! Dan and Phil’s gaming channel is incredible, they’re my favourites. Shane was the first YouTuber I ever watched back in like 2008, haha. I love his insane sense of humour.

    I haven’t actually heard of the other channels, but I’ll definitely check them out because I’m so into all things weird, history and science related haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. coffeehousechatter says:

    I LOVE communitychannel! She is so funny.
    I also really love Shane, especially watching him eat food (he just recently convinced me to eat pizza hut.)

    Liked by 1 person

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