Quick Reviews: How Hard Can Love Be?, The Moth and the Flame, The Crown and the Arrow

Hello guys! I’m introducing a new thing on the review aspect of my blog. I already have my normal reviews which are broken down into four parts- plot, writing, characters, what I liked/What could be improved. I have my informal reviews which are a lot shorter and I normally do these for graphic novels and short stories. And now I’m introducing quick  reviews. These reviews will short, sweet and simple! These reviews will be for books that I have not a lot of thoughts about, or for a collection of short stories. These won’t be too frequent, but I guess they will faster to read for you and faster to write for me!

Let’s get to the reviews then!



Title: How Hard Can Love Be?

Author:  Holly Bourne

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher:  Scholastic Press

This book was a fast, smooth contemporary. How Hard Can Love Be? is the second book in the Normal series and this book follows Amber- a bold, fierce teenager who is visiting her mother over the summer holidays. Though this first meeting in two years should be a golden moment to reconnect with her mother, Amber’s in for a lot more when Love hits her side-wards.

Amber was a bold, fierce protagonist who seemed to be hyper aware of everyone and everything which made her pretty likable in my view. I liked how she was more blunt with her thoughts then Evie though it made her a bit ‘hyper’ from time to time. The writing was fast paced and smooth as well, which is always a great thing! The one thing that let it down, was that the feminism bogged down the whole book. Some passages were really not relevant and when a male character brought up male issues it was never expanded on. I think I would of wanted more suspense and tension, and without those two elements it made the ending a bit predictable.

-My Rating: 3.5/ 5 stars

Title: The Moth and the Flame

Author:  Renee Ahdieh

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher:  G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Short, spicy and sweet, The Moth and the Flame was a great read! The Moth and the Flame is a novella that takes place before The Wrath and The Dawn. It follows the Captain of the Guard, Jalal al-Khoury and handmaiden, Despina. Both are pulled together by each of their high opinions on themselves. But soon it becomes something deeper and serious. Love is something that Despina can’t just turn her back on.

This novella was a passionate whirlwind which had all of the lovely things that I loved in The Wrath and the Dawn: brilliant writing, brilliant characters and a brilliant setting. I am so happy we got more Despina and Jalal as they were the couple which I wanted more from in The Wrath and the Dawn. I love reading about how they met and how there relationship progressed. It was definitely a fast, intense romance but I loved it all the same. Ahdieh’s beautiful writing was velvety smooth to read and at the end I wanted more it! I wished we got more of a conclusion as it felt kind of left hanging, but that’s really my only fault for the novella.

– My Rating: 4/ 5 stars

Title: The Crown and the Arrow

Author:  Renee Ahdieh

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher:  G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

This novella was short to fully get into, but still a nice tidbit. The Crown and the Arrow is a novella for the the Wrath and the Dawn which takes place just in the begining of The Wrath and the Dawn. It follows a moment, in Khlaid’s perspective, just before the marries, Shahzrad marking her the seventy-second girl to have wed him in seventy one days and nights. Though this bride is different. Firstly, she volunteered. Secondly, she isn’t afraid.

This novella was so short that I could barely sink my reader fangs into it! I will willingly read anything from Khalid’s perspective because Khalid is AMAZING AND COMPLICATED ABD COMPLEX! The writing was as lovely as always but gosh so short! I loved how we saw what Khalid’s first thoughts of Shahzard was though.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Tell me below about what you think of these three titles and if I you have or thinking about reading them! 


One thought on “Quick Reviews: How Hard Can Love Be?, The Moth and the Flame, The Crown and the Arrow

  1. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Great reviews! I’m thinking of posting mini-reviews when I read the TWATD novellas (which will hopefully be next week sometime because I really want to read TRATD now it’s arrived!) You’ve made me even more excited to read them, I can’t wait to see something from Khalid’s perspective, even if it is short one 😀


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