Why I Do Not Get ARC Envy

Hello guys!I hope everyone is happy because IT’S FRIDAY! I am hoping to get loads of writing and reading done because I am in the intense writing and reading mood! I mean I just finished a 400 page book in two days. WHAAAT? I KNOW RIGHT!

img_9223Anyway, I know this is a tried and tested topic on blogs because lets face it- ARCS are an important part of the whole blogging but,weirdly, I do not get the buzz for ARCs. Well I do because ARCs are AWESOME! I mean imagine waiting a whole year for a book and realising that you can get it for several months early! Of course that’s a thing to get excited about, but I do not feel the envy or frustration when I see other people with ARCs.

I’m going to list down three reasons why I do not get ARC envy! And hopefully this will help any of you guys who occasionally get ARC envy.

1. The ugly ‘THIS IS AN ARC’ strip


I know this is a very shallow and non-point point but that strip is really distasteful. Like, I have never gotten an ARC by one of the big publishing companies (which is just fine) but I’ve seen pictures of ARC copies that people posted on their blogs and on Instagram and they always have a bright, blue or red or basically bold strip along the cover and spine saying it’s an ARC and that would just really bother me as I would want my covers to be pristine. Trivial I know, but hey, it still matter’s to me!

2.Β  I want to share the excitement with everyone while reading it and not alone


So if I got an ARC for….The Rose and the Dagger lets say, in November 2015, I feel like the reading experience as a whole would be very isolating. Yes, I would be able to gush vaguely on Twitter and on my blog but I wouldn’t be able to talk about it in depth with most of the book community. I’m not saying for any of you who get ARCs have unhappy reading experiences but I’m saying me personally would have a less enjoyable reading experience because I would be able to talk about it in depth with many people.



So as the point says, I can wait. I know as not only bookworms, but as people we want stuff NOW NOW NOW, but we can’t always get things NOW NOW NOW and sometimes we need to learn the art of patience. This is a bit cheap coming from me aka THE MOST IMPATIENT PERSON IN THE WORLD, but somehow when it comes to books being published. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT CROOKED KINGDOM NOW, but not to the point that I will be deadly envious of anyone who will get it as an ARC

.Those are the top three reason why I don’t get ARC envy! Of course I would love to get bucket loads of ARCs but if I don’t, I’m happy waiting! What do you think about ARCS? Do you get jealous? Comment below and let’s chat!


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33 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Get ARC Envy

  1. jbgarner58 says:

    ARCs can be fun. The few I’ve gotten were neat because I could do a review close to the release so it had a more impactful feel. At the same time, though, there’s something to be said for reading it as other readers will. The thing is, there’s always a chance for an ARC to change before the actual release, small as it might be, and I’d hate to post up a review and have it pivot on something that winds up being changed!

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  2. Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews says:

    When I wasn’t blogging and was just an avid BookTube watcher I’ll admit I did get pretty jealous of people recieving physical ARCs. However, now it doesn’t really bother me too much. I will request a book on Netgalley if it captures my interest. There’s been a few I was excited about recieving or ones I’ve been “boo I want to read this now because I have no patience” about when I don’t get approved, haha. I would love to receive a physical ARC though – even once – just because I love getting packages in mail πŸ˜‚ but it’s not something I really get envious over anymore.

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  3. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    I’ve never thought much about this but now you’ve mentioned it I completely understand all the points you just featured. I gets ARCs from NetGalley, and if I really like the book I’ll buy it in paperback or hardcover format as well, and yeah while I like reading books early it isn’t the end of the world to wait a few more days/weeks for it to actually be released.
    But seriously the second point is the biggest one for me. I love being able to talk about books with other bloggers, it’s one of the best things about the community. It’s nice to be able to actually discuss books and sometimes you can’t with ARCs.
    Great post!

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    • A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

      I have a good eye for books, so it doesn’t matter if I get an ARC or not because I know I’m going to read the book soon anyway. I think that us bookworms can be really sensitive at the smallest things so I’m not surprised people get really upset and jealous about ARCs.
      I know right! I mean that is the reason I made a blog in the first place, and if I had an ARC I would want to talk about the book to everyone if I loved it and it would be somehow limiting with it being not released yet.
      Thank you!😊

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      • Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

        Oh yeah I’m very much the same, if a book is on my to-read list I’ll get round to it when it’s released so getting an ARC isn’t really a priority if that makes sense. There are times when I wish I had ARCs of some books but I don’t get upset or jealous if other people have them. I’ll get to read it eventually so there’s not much point is there.
        It’s fun to talk about books with people, to have them comment on what they think of them and then being able to talk about the characters and the plot and everything, you can’t really do that if your the only person who’s read the book!
        That’s all right πŸ˜€


  4. Read Diverse Books says:

    Lol, I love reason 1. You are a real book lover and book worm when ARC strips bother you.

    You seem to have a very realistic and reasonable view of ARCs. And you should – ARCS aren’t all THAT awesome. I have gotten a couple since I started blogging, but I mostly focus on books that have already been released. I may start requesting more physical ARCS once my blog is older and more established, but for now I will stick to buying my books because I’m not a fan of eARCS.

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    • A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

      Hahaha they just ruin the whole cover of the book! I would want to buy another copy because of it πŸ˜…
      Good to know my reasons aren’t disagreeable. I have so many books that I already have to read, that ARCs really don’t last through my mind. I’m not a big fan of eARCs either. My eyes are terrible enough as it is. πŸ™‚

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  5. pigeonreads says:

    I don’t feel any ARC envy either. Although I have never experienced getting an ARC, so I can’t quite relate with the joy of receiving one. However I am happy with those who do receive advanced copies, and have occassionally been jealous of them, I am completely fine not receiving them now since I completely agree with all that you said. And having a copy of the final output is better, in my opinion. Great post!

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    • A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

      Thank you😊
      I’ve only had a small number of ARCs before and I think the hype of them is a little bit inflated Hahahaha. If I saw a blogger with The Rose and the Dagger ARC I would want it of course, but I would ultimately be happy for them, then jealous.
      Yep, the final covers are mostly likely the best coversπŸ‘Œ

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  6. Erin says:

    ARCs can be fun to receive – especially if it comes in a cute little package. I’ve seen pictures from other bloggers or Booktubers and on occasion I feel jealous. But when I actually have an eARC I feel pressure to read and review the book quickly. I would prefer to read at my own pace.

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  7. Kirstie Ellen says:

    I totally agree with you! Every now and then I’m like hm I should request this and then I think, but the book will be UGLY. And to be fair, the experience of buying the book is so much fun plus the added pressure of having to get the review done is a bleh to me. And I hate the idea of not being able to cry on Twitter’s shoulder after being destroyed by a book. But I do think it’d be nice to get some, just maybe not for THE books that I want to read. Great discussion πŸ™‚

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    • A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

      Hahahaha no ugly books on my shelf!
      I know, like if I got an ARC it would be brill and amazing but I love knowing a have all the time to read a book I want to and not have any deadlines looming over me. I love talking about all of the spoilery parts in a book so having an ARC would be a lonely experience.
      Thank you😊

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  8. hollie (hollieblog) says:

    I sometimes get ARCs through work and I agree with all of these! A lot of the ones I receive are either books that I won’t get around to anyway, but look nothing like the finished product. Plus, they take up shelf space!

    The only one I was thankful for was Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I got it like 3 months early and I could NOT believe it! But honestly, the others I’m just not bothered about :/

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  9. Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

    This was such a wonderfuil post, thank you so much for sharing! I agree with you a lot, there are times where I get envious of people getting ARCS and want them as well, but others when well, the waiting is hard, it’s annoying, but it’s so good as well because when you finally get it, well…it just FEELS so good. And yes, the final cover and everything looks way more gorgeous πŸ™‚

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  10. Eve Messenger says:

    Astra, this is such a good post. The whole phenomenon of envy in the bookish–and writing–community makes me uncomfortable. Often, when book lovers or writers get an opportunity to experience something really special, like meeting a favorite author, or interviewing one, or getting an ARC or, with writers, finding an agent or getting a publishing contract, so often the likes” on their post or tweet about it plummet. I can just picture envious people (not everyone, of course) crossing their arms and feeling miffed because they didn’t get the opportunity. Which sucks! I put myself in other people’s shoes and feel happy for them when some great opportunity comes along for them. Like you, I don’t (usually) get jealous about things like that. I mean, I don’t really request ARCs, but I can identify with where you’re coming from on this. Part of being a book lover is being able to share the reading experience with others. If no one else has read the book yet, it’s like being in a vacuum and that’s not nearly as much fun.

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    • A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

      Thank you!!! Yep, I think some of us love books so much that we get really upset and jealous when we don’t get an ARC or anything bookish given to us. IT’S LIFE! Envy is a normal human emotion, but that doesn’t mean you have to be bitter. I normally, like you, try to put myself into that person position and be happy for them.
      Yep reading an ARC could be a really lonely experience if there isn’t a large part of the book community there reading it with you.

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  11. Michelle says:

    I totally agree. I get some ARC’s but it’s also not from major book publishers, but that’s fine. I know what you mean about that whole ARC banner, but I guess then the idea would be to purchase the original (if you like it) once it comes out. It’s just recently that I’ve made contact with two South African publishers and they are willing to send physical copies and I must admit that is kinda exciting! I don’t think I have ARC envy, but it is kinda exciting to receive bookmail. Great post Astra 😊

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    • A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

      That’s so awesome, of course that’s exciting! I have nothing against ARCs by the way hahaha I mean if Penguin Random house sent me an email saying if I wanted ARCs I’ll be jumping on that opportunity now! I’m just saying that people don’t have to be so bitter of they don’t get ARCs😊 Thank you MichelleπŸ‘

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  12. DrAwkto says:

    Hmm seeing how I haven’t gotten an ARC before I can’t really weigh in on it. I must admit that I think receiving them would be a new experience, but as you said I can wait. I enjoy reading novels with other people and being able to talk about them with fellow readers.

    It’s tricky to rave about a novel when no one else knows what you’re talking about. Also I noticed that a lot of famous reviewers get a large amount of novels to read and review. The sheer number of those novels are pretty stressful. Haha can you imagine trying to read all of them and write up reviews for each of them?

    Too stressful for me.
    I liked this topic. πŸ˜€ it was very thought-provoking.


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