Why I Love…Fantasy!

Hello guys! I hope your Saturday is going amazingly well!

SO I just had a brainwave.

I’m going to start doing a series of posts called ‘Why I Love…’ which is where I’m just going to talk about why I love a certain topic. These aren’t going to be restricted to book genres, I’m also going to be book characters, authors and stuff like ‘Why I Love UK YA books’. These posts are going to be sporadic unlike my other blog post series so I could do this once every two months or three times a month, it just depends really.

Anyway, enough blabbering, lets get on to the loving. 


A good fantasy book will transport you to another world, one that you would of never experienced before, one where it’s probably guaranteed that you wouldn’t last a week, but you don’t care because that week would be the best week ever.Sometimes people need a break from reality and a fantasy book is the perfect escape route to have a breather away from the stress of just being human.

I love fantasy because it is limitless! Reading a fantasy book is so fun and enjoyable because the plot can really twist and change. It’s like sliding down a curvy slide blindfolded and not knowing if your going to turn right or left. The possibilities especially in a high fantasy book at the beginning are endless. That feeling of anything could happen can bring other feelings of wonder and curiosity and when you are wanting to know more about a fantasy world and all of the ins and outs of everything is when you know you have a good fantasy book.

Reading fantasy just makes me want to explore my imagination to the extreme. Especially for me as a writer, after reading fantasy I want to write down loads, I want to venture into my creative depths to see what I pull out.While reading fantasy the impossible becomes possible and that touch of magic there is what makes me fall in love with the genre again and again and again. Fantasy isn’t  bound by laws, physics and fact. It’s free and that freedom can only be a good thing while reading.


Do you love fantasy? If so why and if you don’t, why? Let’s get a conversation going!

I’ll write soon!





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15 thoughts on “Why I Love…Fantasy!

  1. Zezee says:

    Yes!!! I love it for all the reasons you listed above but most of all because it transports me to a place I wouldn’t have dreamed of and also because there’s magic. I’ve yet to read a fantasy novel that doesn’t have magic (I think) and I wonder if I’ll like it when I do because the magic is why I love the genre.

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  2. Becca says:

    I love how fantasy just carries that essence of creativity and imagination, which as well inspires me also to write, and create. Like you said, It is limitless, and because of that they’re usually so original you don’t really get a lot of similarities between books. Great post!

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  3. uptilmidnight says:

    I love fantasy too! I’m writing one right now. I like fantasy because you get transported to another world and it just sucks you in. I read a lot of fantasy, I’m trying to branch out little by little.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. selinn92 says:

    I pretty much only read fantasy. It’s fun! I don’t really want to read about things that can happen in reality because the whole point of reading was to escape my reality, at least it is for me 🙂

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