Fem(+me) Friday- Naya @ NayaReadsandSmiles

Hello guys and I hope you are having a fabulous Friday! This is my fourth post for my Fem(+me) Friday series which is basically Femme Friday but because I’m not a feminist it’s Fem(+me) Friday.


I will link all of my previous Fem (+me) Friday post down below, but for now I will be spotlighting another Booktuber because I love booktube so much!


So this wonderful bibliophile is Naya and she runs a booktube channel called NayaReadsandSmiles and you guys…she is so happy. Like all of the time! When I first stumbled upon her videos and had to take a metaphorical step back because she is such a bundle of happy energy. But she stands out because of her bright personality and when I see her video on my subscription page I’m excited to see how excited she is going to be about a certain book. Also her hair is so gorgeous!

Up above is her March Book Haul (because I don’t care what anyone says- book hauls are awesome!) and this video should represent her bubbly, infectious personality well. Even though, she is smiley and hyper, Naya does get her point across very clearly which is why I continue to watch her videos

Here is a link to her youtube channel- NayaReadsandSmiles– if you want more!

I’ll write soon!





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FF Friday Book Tag!

-Femme Friday was created by Vicky @ Books and Strips and means we spotlight a female, real (writers, illustrators, cover designers ect) and not real (characters) to bring some recognition to them.

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