Soundtrack To My Life Book Tag!

Hello guys and happy Saturday! I was planning to post yesturday but then I started reading and then I fell asleep…problems of a book nerd hey!

But that’s okay, as I can just post this today! So I haven’t did a tag in a while so I decided to do the Soundtrack To My Life Book Tag, which I was tagged for by Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much. You should all follow her blog if you haven’t yet- it’s great!

Now onto the tag…

Opening Credits: Favorite Childhood book


I really loved Rose by Holly Webb which -if I can remember clearly- is about an orphan who realises she has magic. I think I finished this book, but I just remember restarting it. I started reading the second book as well, but I think around that time I drifted in and out of aggressively reading.

Waking up: A book that got you out of a reading slump


I would say reading slump exactly, but Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard reminded me of my love for reading. It was the book that introduced my to booktube as well! I really loved this book and wanted to tell everyone about it!

School: A book you had to read for school that you ended up loving


Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian is the book I always choose for this question! It’s a middle grade historical fiction set in WW2 following a boy who is an evacuee. This book is so heart warming I wish everyone could read it.

Falling In Love: An author you love so much you want to read all of their books


Probably Rainbow Rowell. You cannot fault her writing, not when it’s as cozy and warm as hot chocolate. I still have to read Eleanor and Park and her other two adult novels. I’ll probably get to the former this year and soon so no pitchforks please!

Fight: Book with the best action sequences


Hands down, Crown of Midnight by Sarah J.Maas! This book was just so epic and badass! The fight scenes were the best!

Break up: A book or series you didn’t finish and do not intend to finish


The Maze Runner series by James Dashner was just not my couple of tea. I started the first book, but the writing was just so not that good. The premise seems really fantastic, but I’m not pursuing this series further.

Hanging With Friends: Book you think everyone else should read


Seriously, if you haven’t read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak you need to read it. Like NOW! It is so fantastic I haven’t heard a person who has read it say otherwise.

Breakdown: Book that seriously affected you/had you crying your eyes out


Mostly because of the character deaths! I will never get other one particular death, it’s just so sad, I feel like crying thinking about it. And this book of course affected me deeply- it’s Harry Potter!

Roadtrip: You favorite series (more than 3 books)

I don’t think I talk about this series enough! The fantasy, the characters, the politics are so amazing, the books truly immersed me into that world. I can’t wait for the next one!

Flashback: Your favorite book from 5 years ago


This book was a brick! Serioiusly and that’s probably was so hard to finished! I remember really liking it, but gosh it was long.

Getting Back Together: What book you can not stop rereading


It’s really the only book series I reread as I don’t have much time for rereading.

Wedding: A book that is really special to you


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was one of the first adult fiction/fantasy books that I read and I loved it! The detail, the characters and effecitively the ‘circus-building’ was spot on.

Moment of Triumph: Longest book you’ve ever read


I’m pretty sure this book was over 600 pages. Nowadays books pushing the 500 mark are turn offs for me, so I’m pretty sure this will always be the longest book I’ve read.

Death Scene: Book or series you wish had ended differently


The ending for Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon was very better sweet. I kind of liked it but she could of easily added fifty pages and make me love it. I needed a bit more substance to it.

Funeral: Book with the best or worst epilogue


LOVED how this trilogy ended. You still didn’t know if the book was going to end good or not for the protagonist until like the last fifty pages because of all the bloodydamn plot twists! Pierce Brown got it spot on!

I tag…

EVERYONE! (Partly because I’m feeling lazy and partly because everyone should just do this tag anyway!)

What do you think of my choices? What would have you put instead! Let’s discuss down below!

I’ll write soon.


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12 thoughts on “Soundtrack To My Life Book Tag!

  1. Lois says:

    Goodnight Mister Tom brings back so many childhood memories. I absolutely loved that book and the film. I’ve had The Maze Runner box set sitting on my shelf for over a year now and I still have no urge to read the books. I think I’m a bit more picky with dystopian books now and the only reason I’d end up reading the books is so I can watch the film and see the where the franchise differs.
    The Night Circus ❤ I absolutely adore that book. It was so beautifully crafted. I felt like I was stepping into a fairytale.


  2. MyBookJacket says:

    It isn’t possible for any book, apart from HP, to be reread as many times with the same anticipation and love. Loved this post Astra. And night circus is definitely on my must buy. And the last series. Was the first one golden son? Not sure. But it looks interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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