I’m Wittier In Writing- Chapter 1: Suffocation, Frustration and Inspiration?

Hey guys! I hope you’re great and the Monday blues aren’t getting you down.

I few posts ago I think I said I wanted to start talking about my writing on this blog so here I am. These series of posts are going to be called I’m Wittier In Writing and will be focusing on my trials and tribulations on writing. I hope that these posts will be a outlet for me (and maybe for you down in the comments) because sometimes us writers need somewhere to just express our frustrations from time to time. These posts will be fortnightly on a Monday, but I will add in extra posts if I feel it necessary.

Onto this week’s post!

I’ve been editing and looking over my NaNoWriMo piece and I’ve been feeling very proud of myself! Everything is a mess, as it would be, but it feels like I have something to grasp not matter how rubbish it reads. I feel like I need a dedicated week to focuse on my NaNoWriMo piece as I am finding it hard to concentrate on it and not procrastinate. Maybe in the summer I will try to  do something. Also, I think I wasn’t the only one who received an email for NaNoWriMo trying to rally the editorial troops. Even though I said that I want to edit my half a novel, I’m not sure that I want to do it with NaNoWriMo. I feel like I would get bogged down with expectations and feel suffocated. I would prefer to edit on my own terms with a couple of hot lemon water and a KitKat.


I think that I have a problem. I have too many plots in my head. And I’m not talking about my NaNoWriMo. I kind of want to write another story. I know, I know, it’s foolish. I think I should state that I am still interested in my NaNoWriMo story fully, but I have another story in my head half formed and I wanted to explore that story as much as I can. I feel free to talk about my half formed idea in these posts, so I will say it now that it’s definitely a fantasy story I’m conjuring up. I think I can confidently say that my love from fantasy came from my love of Magical Girl anime when I was younger. I’m thinking of cooperating MG into my story, but then I get bogged down about the details of it being a Middle Grade or Young Adult which makes my head hurt.

I am having some issues with planning this idea which is weird as I normally thrive at this part. Ir’s bugging me a lot and making me detest my brain. Even though I know my idea is just a seedling, my brain keeps throwing all of these different scenes in my head before I know if it’s going to be a medieval  fantasy or more futuristic, if my protagonist is twelve or seventeen. I’m just going to be blasting out A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing by Set It Off until inspiration hits me.



That’s all of my writing musings at the moment! I’d love to know if I’m just rambling rubbish to you or if you think this is a good outlet. As always, feel free to comment down below and I’ll be sure to comment back.

I’ll write soon!





17 thoughts on “I’m Wittier In Writing- Chapter 1: Suffocation, Frustration and Inspiration?

  1. RaeAnne says:

    I recently started trying to edit my NaNo novel from 2014! I had started to edit it soon after it was over, but wasn’t fond of it. It’s been quite some time now, though, and I can see the direction I want it to go in!! Yay! It’s still a mess, but a fun one!
    I need to focus on it more, too–especially because I have a little fangirl friend looking forward to it! 😀 It’s encouraging!
    (2015’s novel will have to wait a while!)

    I, too, have another idea running around in my head that I want to explore more. I’ve been jotting things down, but really should focus on my editing first.

    I wish you all the best of luck in your editing!!
    I look forward to reading your posts about writing–ramble and rant all you’d like! We all need to do that sometimes! 🙂 You’re not alone in the frustrations and joys that are writing! 🙂

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