Lovely Tags #1: Rip it or Ship it

Hello lovelies! Happy Valentines Day and to celebrate this day of love I am coming at you with three tags! I won’t be tagging anybody because I fear it might be too late to post on the day, but if you want to do these tags because you just love love then go ahead. I picked three tags to do and they will all have their own individual posts.

First up is the Rip it or Ship it tag! I was tagged by the wonderful Michelle over at Book Adventures. Be sure to follow that blog as it’s one of my favourites!


Write down the names of characters from different books 

You can use as many characters as you’d like –I’m choosing ten characters!

Place these names in a container of your choosing 

 Take out two names at a time and decide whether you would ship the couple, or if you wish for them to die I peaceful/slow death!

1. Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice) and Cal (Red Queen)

OMG I can imagine these too being really cute together! This is really hard because in one aspect they can be really cute, but in another I don’t think their personalities will click so I’m going to say…


2. Kelsea (The Queen of The Tearling) and The Darkling (Shadow and Bone)

Oooooh, these two would be a power couple! Though Kelsea might be a little skeptical she would be seduced by The Darkling.


3. Penelope (Carry On) and Fred (Harry Potter)

I’m giggling! These two would basically be Fred and Hermione but maybe more laughs! I’m not sure about this still…


4. Inej (Six of Crows) and Dorian (Throne of Glass)

My mind is made up about this! Inej seems to be the romantic type, Dorian too. I bet they can have some intelligent conversations as well, so…


5. Cinder (Cinder) and Levi (Fangirl)

Interesting! Though I think they may be compatible on some levels, I’m in doubt whether they will be able to fall in love as such so…


So I only shipped two of the five couples but oh well! This tag was really fun and again if you just want to do this tag for fun, then consider yourself tagged!

I’ll write soon!






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