Notes and Scribbles #1 | Happy New Year!

Hey guys! I am going to start posting a series of posts under the name Notes and Scribbles and these posts are basically going to be dedicated to any updates I feel like it’s necessary to share during the month. These might not come everyone week, it might be every two or even monthly, just whenever I feel I need to update you guys.

So I just want to say that I actually posted everyday day of this week which is like the biggest achievement, because I am extremly tired after school and everything and actually writing and posting the post on the same day for a week is pretty brill for me. Here are the posts from Monday:

Monday- Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Tuesday- Why I love Black Hermione

Wednesday- Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms

Thursday- Book Recommendations: January 2016

Friday- Review: The  Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Saturday- Review: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

And I want to express my excitement about how many bloggers are going to start posting weekly discussion posts! I love these posts as everyone can voice their opinions and it doesn’t matter if they are different and it connects fellow bloggers. I normally just post random discussion posts when I feel like it, but they normally come around once a week. My recent one being Why I love Black Hermione if you want to check it out.


I am totally destroying my TBR at the moment. DESTROYING IT! I have basically read every book I listed in my TBR bar one book and it’s only the 10th. And I’ve reviewed them all! But this unfortunately has dragged me into going to bed extremely late.

Speaking of which, because school has started now guys my posts are going to be less frequent. I feel like I should say this now, so I don’t feel extremely guilty when I don’t post one day. So I’m aiming for four posts a week starting from next week, give or take one day if I do/don’t have the time. I’ll definitely be liking and commenting on all your posts everyday though!

I am back on the Instagram scene everybody! During the last few weeks of December I didn’t post a lot but now I am staying active and making sure to post pictures at least every couple of days. My Instagram is @astrangersguidetonovels if you want to check out my profile. I am also using Goodreads for it’s intended use now and you can friend me on that as well here.

I hope everyone had a terrific first week of January! And that everybody is still keeping on their resolutions (my ‘eat healthier’ resolution is on shaky ground).

I’ll write soon!





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