How did this happen? Well firstly THANK YOU SO MUCH! It’s because of all of you beautiful people that I hit the a hundred mark. To my old followers, thank you for sticking with me and to my new followers, thank you for pushing me past the 100 line and I hope my posts are enjoyable enough..

I know this is a small milestone to many of you guys as you must have passed this milestone ages ago but I was smiling like a maniac when I got this notification. I know my posts and comments on all of your lovely posts have been sporadic and I’m sorry!

Well, there’s nothing else to say really, but thank you again, this is a great present- just in time for Christmas!

Have a nice day and I’ll write soon!


27 thoughts on “100 Followers?

  1. Becca says:

    You really deserve all of us, and more! You are such an awesome blogger and run such and amazing blog. I love seeing you on my dash! Onward to the next milestone my friend!

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