Book Clubs?

Hey guys! Guess what…my internet like totally switched off for a couple of days! And if that’s not hard enough my life started spiking up and down like a heart monitor hooked up to a patient who is having heart palpitations! Aka life has kept me busy, which means I am behind so many tags and awards and I am like the worst blogger ever!


However this post isn’t about my failing but about book clubs. This is really a discussion post about if you have joined any online ones. I know that Goodreads had loads of book clubs to choose from and I was thinking of joining one as it would be good to just talk to people who have read the same book, at the same time and discuss what you thought about it collectively. 

I know this really isn’t anything life threatening or whatever but I am actually curious about if you guys are in any book clubs on any social medias- I know that many people follow some booktubers who have a sort of bookclub thing going on.

I’ll talk soon (when hopefully my wifi connection is stronger).


15 thoughts on “Book Clubs?

  1. SarahClare says:

    I struggle with book clubs.. only because there never seems to be a ‘chosen book’ that I like or that I have read (or want to read). I’m just too stubborn.. lol!!

    I like being part of some of the discussion groups on Goodreads though.

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  2. DrAwkto says:

    I’m actually in a book club. HAhah and I was thinking about finding a second one. The goodreads book clubs seem so serious though. If you ever join one of them please share your experiences!

    Book clubs are a commitment and some people who join don’t see it that way so it tends to throw off the balance of thewhole thing.

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      • DrAwkto says:

        The book club does alright. It’s not as active as other bookclubs are, but that could be the fact that we’re only 4 people, and school is a pain in the butt. Since everyone is busy with other things, it’s easy to see why they don’t contribute to discussions and such.

        The book club I’m in is pretty lax. We got a two week book starting period, after that two weeks, we tend to get a bit annoyed if someone hasn’t started the book yet. Granted if they have a good reason, we over look it. The current book we’re on has been about a month now and none of us has finished it.

        So depending on the bookclub the amount of commitment varies.

        As for reading books that people want to read, our book club is very open minded. We’re all people that want to branch out from our typical genres. Sure, we’ll read our favourite genres here and there, but we’re very open to other novels as well.

        I don’t run on the mentality that “oh this club isn’t reading the book I want to read, so I’m just going to leave.”

        Hopefully that helps. I enjoy discussing about book clubs so I’m always happy to offer more insight on the topic.


  3. fiddlerblue says:

    I joined several book clubs on Good Reads but they were huge groups so it was difficult to get people together at one time to discuss. The one I enjoy a lot is the YA Buddy readers’ group. You can find people to read books with you and discuss them as you go along.

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  4. cw @ readthinkponder says:

    I’d love to join a book club and have been thinking of starting my own one – first with friends and then branch out to strangers that live in my city! I haven’t joined a book club before, but I’d love to. I’m not terribly fond of the idea of online book clubs though, especially since the discussions would be difficult to arrange! But I hope you find a good one – a lot of my fellow peeps in the blogging community are in one and they enjoy it a lot. 😀

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