Seasons Of Book Blogging Tag!

Hello strangers! It feels so great to say hello to my blog again! I think I just needed to sleep and and get myself rested before I post anything coherent on my blog, but now that I am back, I have a lot of stuff to be catching up on including book tags!

Now I was tagged around a week ago by the awesomely funny Jordyn from J. Bookish, please check out her blog because it is fantastic (and she created this cool tag!). Thank you for tagging me!

The rules are simple:


  • Thank the creator (so she can see all of your answers!) and the person who tagged you.
  • Begin with the month in which you have been tagged and move forward from there!
  • State the best gift you’ve ever been given after you answer the question for your birthday month.
  • Tag whomever you’d like when you’re finished.. or else you’ll be “it” forever.
  • Have fun, of course!


November is the month when we’re reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. Choose one book you’re grateful for having read and give a shout-out to the person who recommended it!


I am in the middle of reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and I am loving it! The characters are great, the whole scenario is great. I can’t really shoutout to one person in particular because so many people have recommended this book to me so a collective THANK YOU FOR ANYONE WHO HAS RECOMMENDED THIS BOOK!

December is a time when friends and families come together and celebrate. Name one book you would give as a gift.


Umm Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is fantastic so everyone just read it. Period.

January begins a new year. Name a resolution you made this year and if you’ve kept it or not!

My resolution was to be healthier and I kept to this on and off throughout the year. More off than on to be honest, but I tried!

February is the month for relationships. Name your favorite book relationship: romantic, platonic, or familial, your choice!


I was thinking of putting down so many books but Harry Potter has everything relationship thinkable in it, so it was a great overall book for this month.

March is the month for luck and new beginnings. Name a book or series that you would like to re-experience as if you’d never read it.


Red Queen was just so brilliant, I would love to experience all of the feelings I felt about this book again.

April is a spectacularly ordinary month. Name a book that was so over-hyped that it just could not live up to your expectations.


A recent one here and it will have to be Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Biggs because it was hyped and promoted as a completely different story than it actually was, so it could never meet my expectations.

May is the month when the flowers start to bloom. Name a book that was a pleasant surprise to you.


After reading Red Queen I was worried that The Queen Of The Tearling wouldn’t be as ingrossing or captivating but my worries was for nothing because I absolutely loved the characters and all the politics!

June is the time to take a break. Name a book or genre that you like to read when you just need to check out.

It will have to be contemporary because I am loving the genre at the moment and contemporary novels can be light and humorous while sometimes tackling heavy subjects that everyone should read about.

July is the time to celebrate your independence! Name a book that made you see fireworks. (Figuratively. Please don’t light books on fire.)


Fireworks, Catching Fire, you get it? Anyway, this book was so amazing and I just flew through it. There were many firework moments in this book to mention.

August is the hottest month of the year. Pick an up-and-coming author that you think will be the next hottest thing.


I’m stealing Jordyn’s answer and saying Leigh Bardugo because she is an amazing author and I can predict her going far and I can’t wait to read more works from her.

September is time for students to go back to school! Pick a book you read for school that you actually enjoyed.


Goodnight Mr Tom is a middle grade I think and I remember really liking this book in primary school. I remember being really insterested in the historical era (even when I was small I liked Historical Fiction!) and I thought the story was brilliantly done!

And this is my birthday month and the best present I have gotten that I can think about it right now are concert tickets to my favourite band ever Fall Out Boy and I went to their concert about a month ago and I had such a great time! Thank you mum and dad!

October is time to celebrate Halloween! Pick one character that you would love to dress up as for Halloween.


My answer for these kind of questions will always be the same. Luna. Is. The. Best.

All done and it feels good to post something!

Now tagging time *flexes hands*

Trisha Ann @ The Bookgasm

Analee @ Book Snacks 

Ashleigh @ A frolic through fiction

Emma @ Emma the Book Lover

Books and other miracles

The Charmed Reader

Dee @ The Bookish Khaleesi

and anybody who wants to this awesome tag!

I’ll write soon!




27 thoughts on “Seasons Of Book Blogging Tag!

  1. Hayley says:

    I keep seeing such great thing about Red Queen but then I read the blurb and feel kind of eh about it. Did you do a review for this book? Is it just as good as all the hype makes it seem?


  2. selinn92 says:

    I felt the EXACT same way about Miss Peregrine’s. So much hype coming from my sister who said it was better than my favorite book, which coincidentally is written by HIS WIFE, so that made me expect a lot just by the association.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Trisha Ann says:

    Wow a whole new diverse kind of tag! Thanks for tagging me, Astra! I like how this can be put up any time of the year so that means there’s no actual deadline to it LOL.

    Waaaa my current read is All the Bright Places too! Finch is so adorable and funny and witty and gah I’m loving him! Please please buzz me on twitter or tag me once your review is up so I can join the discussion (Sadly, work has taken over much of my life I can’t follow daily on what’s happening in the blogosphere)!

    Liked by 1 person

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