Top 5 Wednesday|Hunger Games Moments

I am not doing my WWW Wednesday this week because everything has virtual stayed the same, so I am dedicating all of my time to top 5 Wednesday! This weekly meme was originally made by Lainey on Booktube (here channel is gingerreadslainey). You can look at the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads page here.

I am currently rereading Mockingjay before the movie comes out (which is tomorrow in the UK! (which I will not be able to watch as soon as because I promised by friends I would watch it with them next week)) So this is the perfect subject for this week.

Lets do this then!

1. I volunteer as tribute!

This is the moment when Katniss volunteers to be the next tribute in the Hunger Games in place for her sister. This single moment were everything changes and it complete sums up Katniss’ character. Brave, selfless and caring. I just love the scene in the movie as well!



2. Girl on fire

I absolutely adored the Catching Fire movie! It is my favourite out of the three that have came out so far and the scene when they just blow everyone’s minds with their awesome outfits was just so great! I want a dress that sparks into flames as well please.


3. The Mockingjay is born

I. Love. This. Scene. In. The. Book. Just excellent and I love how even Katniss didn’t know what would happen when she twirled or the repercussions of the stunning outfit…


4. The death of Rue

This death was so saddening as I really enjoyed the friendship Katniss had with Rue and how Rue was her first true ally in the Hunger Games (besides Peeta). I think this moment made something click inside of Katniss which made her into a stronger, braver person.


5. Fire is Catching

“Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!”

Katniss is the the Mockingjay, is the heart of the rebellion and the speech in the last book of the series proves that. All through it I was nodding my head along weirdly enough, but I would of definitely been on the rebel side if I was ever on the Capitol’s before the propos.

And there it is! I could of added so many other scenes as well and I just realised I didn’t really include Gale, Finnick or Peeta in any of these moments. But Katniss really is the star of the show!

I’ll write soon and let the odds be ever in your favour.




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