Surviving the NaNoWriMo Train and How To Get Left Behind- NaNoWriMo Week 2 Recap!

Hello guys! Here is my weekly NaNoWriMo recap and what a week it had been! I swear I thought I wouldn’t survive the beating NaNoWriMo servered up. But somehow it’s Sunday and I survived. I survived.

So Monday started okay I think and so did Tuesday but it was on Wednesday everything went to high hell. I just couldn’t write. Anything. At all. I was still writing my first kind of info dumping part and it was forcing me into a writing block. So you know what, I just skipped over all of that snd went to a refreshing and completely different part of my story and I was able to catch up on 3000 words (I was down by 7000).

So by tomorrow, I should still be down by 4000 words but there will still be another weekend to catch up then. If I stay ontop of the 1667 words a day, then I’ll be okay.

Another thing I have to comment on is that how my characters literally hate me. My story is taking so weird turns and I don’t know if I should steer my story into the write direction or just let it roll. Someone help.

Weekly Word Count: 21,011

Good luck to all of my fellow writers! Remember- we can do this!

I’ll write soon.


10 thoughts on “Surviving the NaNoWriMo Train and How To Get Left Behind- NaNoWriMo Week 2 Recap!

  1. impossiblegirl123 says:

    I say, just roll with it! My characters never do what I want either, but it turns out that if you force them to do something, the story can turn really bad really quickly. I mean you shouldn’t write about something you don’t like at all, but going with the flow can lead to surprisingly fun brain creations 😉

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