Top 5 Wednesday|Top 5 DNF Books!

Yay, a Top 5 Wednesday Post I can finally write about!

This weeks  topic as you probably already know if top 5 books you did not finish and I don’t usually DNF books a lot now but there are still a couple of main books that have just slipped off my radar until now. Let’s go then!

By the way, Top 5 Wednesday was made by Lainey on Booktube (here channel is gingerreadslainey). You can look at the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads page here.

1.  Angelfall by Susan Ee

I actually don’t know why I didn’t finish off this book, but I didn’t and I have lost interest in Angel orientated books at the moment so I won’t be picking up this book again.

2. Paper Towns by John Green

Now I was really looking forward to this book but it literally left my radar. I was in a kind of in a reading slump during the summer so I didn’t read much of anything so don’t take it personally any Paper Towns fans!

3. The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson

This is a middle grade-ish story I believe and I was just not getting into it. And even though the book wasn’t for people of my age, the start of the book was still rather slow and not interesting.

4. The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag

I have just lost interest of the book completely. Though the characters seem interesting in there own right, there’s is just too much specialist jargon for me to really enjoy this book.

5. Lord Of The Ring: The Fellowship Of The Ring by T.R.R Tolkien

A DNF list wouldn’t be complete without my special little buddy Lord Of The Rings. I think I need to get the special edition where the story is cut into 10 smaller parts because the Lord Of The Rings is just too massive to conquer in one.

There is my Top 5 Wednesday done! Do link your Top 5 Wednesdays or just comment below what books you didn’t finish.

I’ll write soon!


20 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday|Top 5 DNF Books!

  1. selinn92 says:

    I wish you knew why you didn’t finish “Angelfall” because I’m curious now. I read it and really liked it! It reminded me of “The 5th Wave” with the whole dystopian concept and girl toughing it out. (I didn’t like the second and third as much as the first, but the first on its own was awesome.)

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  2. niksipiksi says:

    All together I have 9 books that I haven’t finished on my Goodreads. I really try to finish all books I read, but sometimes you just have to give up. It started with Fifty Shades Freed (3th book in Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy). And I’m actually proud how far did I come 😀 I should just stop by the first one. Others are not worth of mentioning.
    There are just two more that I feel bad of not finishing them. Little Bee by Chris Cleave. This book has such a good reviews, but I couldn’t do it. I read half of it. And the second one is One the Road by Jack Kerouac. I know it’s wrong thinking that way, but I feel bad not finishing it just because it’s classic.


  3. fiddlerblue says:

    I also can’t get through Tolkien’s books, which surprises me because I’m a big fantasy reader :p I loved the movies though! And I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Angelfall, the angel plot does get tiring after a while XD

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  4. Ayunda says:

    I remember loving Eva Ibbotson books when I was young! I don’t think I’ve read that book but i’ve read her other books but now that I think about it, I don’t really remember much of the story of those books…

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