Inside Out Book Tag!

Yes, another book tag! I need to catch up with them and they are really fun anyway so no complaining from me.

I was tagged by Kelsey @ Don’t You Shush me, so thank you Kelsey and everyone should check out her blog! I was so thankful that I got tagged because I LOVED this movie so much!

On with the tag!


 A book that brings you joy

It will have to be a book that makes my smile and fangirl hysterically when I think about it and that is Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and I know I always mention this book but it is AMAZING!

Fear  A book that has truly scared you.

Professional scaredy-cat over here. You won’t see me reading a truly horrorific book so I’m passing this one.

 A book that disgusts you

Hmm I depends on what disgust you are on about. I’m guess that it is the yuck! What did I read disgust so I will be going with Fifty Shades Of Grey. I nominate this book half heartedly because I haven’t read this book, but I have read extracts which are very…not my taste.

 A book that makes you sad.

I don’t become sad with a lot of books but I did become sad with is the Young Elites by Marie Lu. Straight after I finished this, I wasn’t really sad but thinking back on the book makes me realise how crappy Adelina’s life is and that in turn makes me sad.

 A book that makes you angry

Hmm this is hard because I usually don’t get angry when I read- just disappointed. A book that did leave my frustrated towards the end will have to be Splinterd by A.G Howard. It was just messily tied up at the end and one of the characters was passed off as being protective when he was just being annoyingly bossy.

And now it’s tagging time!

Kat @ Life and Other Disasters

Emma @ Emma the Book Lover

Becca @ Ghostystories

Michelle @ Book Adventures

and anyone who wants to do the tag!

I’ll write soon!




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