Plot? What plot? -NaNoWriMo #2

I have a serious problem guys. 

I keep on changing my plot every time I think about my plot. I think you can see my problem.

It’s so frustrating! I had a good solid plot when I signed up, but now it has evolved and evolved and evolved. I don’t think sensibly like oh I can use that idea for another story I think I really want to use this for NaNoWriMo so I’m going to change my whole story to fit in the idea.

Though at the moment I have a strong plot now, it can easily change over night and that’s what I am scared of. 

Another update as well is that my muse keeps on escaping me! This morning I tried to write and only crap came out and now while I’m writing this post my muse is slowly returning to me.

Pinterest is my saviour at the moment. I am already building boards for my characters which is helping me loads!

How is your NaNoWriMo prep going? Comment below!


9 thoughts on “Plot? What plot? -NaNoWriMo #2

    • A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

      Phew, it’s good to know I’m not the only one whose planning is nowhere. I think that’s how I write good though- just winging it- it’s just that I’m seeing people use all of these different methods and I feel like I have to do something as well! From now on I’m not going to over stress about the planning part of NaNoWriMo.


  1. Becca says:

    I don’t prepare for NaNoWriMo really haha the only thing i did for the benefit of myself was prompts- and that was more of a driving force for my blog. I know what you mean about not having a plot. I’m just sticking with the same novel i worked on last time. It’s okay to also start working on different stories, especially now to get a feel of which one you want as a project, but its totally acceptable to have multiple projects, just keep track of the combined word count.

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    • A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

      Hahaha if I start thinking about writing over stories my mind will explode I think! I just need a little self control to make me stay on course and then I’ll be okay. When I plan I think I tire over my story to quickly because I get really in depth. Maybe writing little extracts will help me more- or do prompts like you do. Thanks for the idea!


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