Hi!!!! (You’re a bit too hyper, tone it down)

Hello, I’m astrangersguidetonovels, but that’s a mouthful so you  can call me Astra for short. I’m a teenage- no please don’t go running for the hills! I promise I’m not an annoying, bratty or any other negative connotations you might have attached to teenagers! I am actually a pretty quiet English girl, who has a passion for for reading!

I’m not sure how this whole blogging thing works, but basically I am here to spread my knowledge (and general quirkiness) about the books I read, the authors I love and stories I like to share.

I hope my posts are fun and entertaining, but also informative, so yeah….(what am I suppose to say now?) oh yeah, bye and Happy reading!


P.S Follow me on twitter! It’s all new and shiny!- @astrangersguide

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